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"We need to talk."

James Weston's life is turned upside down when his long-distance girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him. With only a year to go before college graduation, his plans for their marriage and future family together are shattered. Facing a miserable summer behind a computer screen, James realizes he's willing to do anything to get her back, including stealing his dad's truck to drive across the country with his younger brother, Matt.

James and Matt trek across America as they grapple with their faith in God, run from their family's wounded past and constantly trip over their own stupidity. A journey of brotherhood, sonship and reconciliation, "Out of Sons" will strap you in the truck for a captivating and hilarious ride to the most terrifying destination of all: a woman.

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Dr. Alec Maly grew up in west Wichita and graduated from Bishop Carroll High School in 2012. He attended Kansas State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in biology in 2016. From 2016-2018, he served as a missionary with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) at Texas A&M University. Following his time with FOCUS, he attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center- College of Dentistry in Lincoln and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in May 2022. After graduation, Dr. Maly returned to his hometown and joined Oxler Family Dentistry. He resides in west Wichita with his wife, Claire, and their two children, Paul Joseph and Jane.

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